If your goal is a superior, high performance workforce that is focused on continuous improvement, your company will need to partner with an effective selection and recruitment service provider such as J.L. Professional Placements (Pty) Ltd. The reality today is that companies need to take a long and hard look at their recruitment principles, processes and partners.

We have over twelve years industry experience making us very knowledgeable and able to advice our clients with specialist information to help them achieve a documented, systematic hiring process that ensures you hire the best possible staff and to make certain that you have all the necessary information and components in place to attract, retain and develop a superior, high performance workforce.

Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred business partner to both my clients and candidates and to be recognized as a company of distinction that operates around the creation of long-term relationships and the consistent supply of high quality, personalized, professional and value added service.

Our Approach

Our aim is very simple, to provide you with a professional recruitment service designed to deliver recruitment solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. The more time we spend searching for and vetting candidates on your behalf, the more time you have to devote to your primary responsibilities. We take full details of a specific vacancy along with relevant information on your company and its projects. After extensive web based advertising and database interrogation we will submit only quality CVs to you for your perusal.

The very best candidates in any industry rarely job hunt, they tend to be offered positions by people that they know or by people that approach them with an interesting proposition. If you know of someone in the industry who would fit into your organisation and solve a problem for you then let us make the approach on your behalf. Headhunting executed in the wrong manner can cause embarrassment and resentment. Most well respected companies will not want to be known for pulling people out of other companies for fear that others will use similar tactics towards them. A confidential approach can ascertain their interest without revealing the company behind the approach until it is absolutely necessary.

Our Services

  • Analysis of Client and Employee Requirements
  • Skills Identification
  • Candidate searches
  • Development of Candidate Profiles
  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Professional Interviewing
  • Facilitation of interviews
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • Counter offer counselling
  • Initial Contract Negotiations

We Value

Recruitment has a terrible reputation for being underhanded and dishonest. Being a small recruitment agency, our reputation is paramount.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Sense of urgency

Recent Testimonials

Using J.L. Professional Placements was a definite time saver for us – when you recruit having to go through all of the initial applications to find the good quality candidates is very time consuming and our Campaign Manager did all of this for us.  She definitely made our lives a lot easier!

Time saved John Smith from Apex

Our experience of working with J.L. Professional Placements was very positive.  I would be very happy to work with them again


Considering we had never used a recruitment agency before we found the whole process was very simple and stress free with a good outcome

First time was easy